Body Wrap Facts

The Suddenly Slender wrap is a spa like treatment designed to visibly improve skin tightness, body shape and size in a 2 hour timeframe.

Bodies build up waste products over time due to stress, medication, drugs, improper diet and metabolic waste. Fat is hard. Areas of soft fat are soft only because bodies dilute the waste products it cannot eliminate with fluid (to cut the caustic effects of such waste down to a safe level.)

This bulks up genetically pre-disposed areas- men usually from the belt-line up, and women from the waist to the knees. It can then spread to other areas, the young girl who has a little extra on the upper thighs in her teens will, after having children have excess further down the thighs (as well as an increase on the abdomen and hip area.) The older woman will have large thighs and a bulge on the inner knee. The truly older woman may even have tree trunk ankles that literally hang over her shoes.

What do we do about it? We wrap them with mineral saturated bandages lightly where we want tighter looking skin and firmly where we want a slimmer appearance. We get them on a natural herbal diuretic and RNA/DNA to handle the excess fluid retention and to stimulate proper cell growth and energy. All this, AND a visibly slimmer, younger appearance.

How Does it Work?

The skin is the body's largest organ of assimilation and elimination. The body will absorb minerals and excrete waste and the fluid the body has used to dilute said waste. This gives us "space" to compact and tighten loose, soft tissue. Tissue also becomes very pliable and malleable when our mineral solution is applied and we can move tissue around for a more aesthetic appearance.

We must wear rubber gloves to unwrap Patrons because what the body dumps through the skin can burn our hands, which is why people feel so good after a wrap, sleep well, and have an energy boost.

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