Body Wrap FAQ

How can I be sure Suddenly Slender’s wraps aren’t dehydrative?

Whereas the other (dehydrative) wraps advise against getting more than one wrap a week, we plainly state in all our literature that you can safely get as many wraps in one day as you want. There’s no medical contraindication to doing so. If our wraps were dehydrative, there’s no way we could safely do this. For example, there was the case of the bride who had gained weight and went up a dress size between her gown fitting and her wedding. She found out 1 day before the wedding that she couldn’t fit into her gown, and didn't look or feel comfortable. After the bride contacted Suddenly Slender hysterically, our founder – Victoria Morton – wrapped her 4 times that day! She looked good and felt comfortable.

How will I look?

Men will look 6-20 inches slimmer and women will look 10-30 inches slimmer on their first wrap alone. We always take into consideration that each person is different and may have specific goals in mind.

Are there any medical considerations?

There are no specific conditions that are listed as strict contraindications for getting a wrap; however, common sense dictates. If you are on medication or have any physical problems, you should consult your physician.

Will I lose weight with the wraps?

A slimmer appearence, not pounds, are what the Suddenly Slender electrolyte-mineral body wraps are designed for. Any weight you lose is a bonus!

What does the body wrap do for skin?

Skin appears smoother and tighter after wrapping. Many of our patrons enjoy this after weight loss, pregnancy or in reducing the signs of aging.

Can it help a double chin or round face?

Certainly! Part of the body wrap process involves wrapping the face. The same visual slimming process that helps your entire body also helps these problem areas on your face. In fact, we insist that we wrap your face when we wrap your entire body.

What is face taping?

Face taping is the application of a special tape over a freshly cleansed face, especially in the areas needing lift and definition. Warm, mineral bandages are applied over the tape. The result is a visible and dramatically younger look! And, faces with loose skin are visibly improved.

What about problem hips, thighs and legs?

Suddenly Slender Licensed body wraps and special supplements help to produce a more visually aesthetic contour.

Can it improve my bustline?

Victoria Morton not only developed the Suddenly Slender body wrap, but she also created the “It’s All You!”® bra. Worn over time it can give the appearence of increased cup sizes, as well as lift and firm the bustline. Or, if desired, it can visually reduce a too-large bustline.

How many wraps will I need?

It takes about 10 wraps to appear a dress size smaller. To maximize the results, you should come in for a wrap once or twice a week, until your skin appears tighter and your objectives are met. Then, maintenance wraps are indicated about every 8 weeks. For special occasions – such as weddings – multiple wraps in one day will give you dramatic results.

What do I need to wear?

Women are wrapped in bra and panties. This is all done in complete privacy, of course. The bra and panties should be cotton, and the bra should not have an underwire. Men wear swim trunks, but again these should be cotton. The undergarments you’re wrapped in will be thoroughly wet when done, so you should bring an extra pair to change into after your wrap.

Are the wraps painful?

No. The wraps aren’t painful. However, some people report feeling cool. We apply warm solution 2-3 times during your wrap to warm you up.

Will I be able to rest while wrapped?

We recommend that you stay up and active for the duration of the wrap. This helps increase circulation. The activity we recommend is not strenuous; rather, just staying up and moving around is usually all that is needed to get the full benefits of the wraps.

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